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OOTD: I Got a White Space, Baby!

2:48 PM 4
Hooray! The weather seems like to be crazy! It’s raining in the midst of summer? What?! Oh well, much better to beat the scorching heat ...

Let’s have a cup of tea at Oasis Garden Café

1:43 AM 2
Who loves tea? Raise your hands and feet! Yes?! Wow, I am glad to know that I am only one of the millions tea lovers out there. Hooray! ...

Giordano Philippines Invites Everyone to Join World Without Strangers Campaign

8:04 AM 0
MANILA, MAY 27, 2014 – A world without strangers is an ideal world where people are not divided by race, class, religion or culture. It i...

Back to School with Giordano’s Monsters University Collection

9:34 PM 0
It’s been 6 years since I’m off to school. Life was simple, fun, and with lesser responsibility ‘coz being a student means you just ...

The Sporty Me

3:10 PM 2
I am active with my extracurricular activities way back elementary and high-school days. I  am  engaged with some sports even how silly it w...

OOTD in Cebu Day 2 for Sky Adventure and Other Places in Cebu

9:36 PM 0
Pink Bird Connector Ring - GoldDot Red Charm Bracelet - Binondo White Tube Top - Giordano White Short - Landmark Pink Skinny Belt - Genevi...

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