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Valentine’s: Like or Love?

1:30 AM 0
Did you know that less than half of Filipinos are fully satisfied with the Valentine’s Day gifts they received based on the survey conduct...

YiLinker opens its virtual doors to online shoppers, entrepreneurs and social media influencers

1:41 AM 0
I love shopping, who does not anyway? I am a fan of online shopping site as I found it practical and convenient way of shopping, well, who...

Wishlist Wednesday: Trendy and Affordable Clothing at

12:30 AM 0
What’s up guys?! I wish and pray that everyone is having a great time today. The start of “ ber ” months officially started and f...

Walk in Style in the Aisle

10:27 AM 0
Three or five years from now, I am getting married. Though no proposal yet but I planned and looking forward that at age of 32, I should...


7:49 PM 2
I guess, this is it! As I aged my preferences and outlook in life changes. I never planned it and even think about it, it just really...

Christmas Shopping with Lamido!

7:27 PM 2
It’s already November and 44 days to go before Christmas! Yeah, Christmas is already around the corner and it is also means the month o...

1780 by Sarisari, Where Local is the New Premium

5:26 PM 0
Howdy Darlings! What’s up? Well, the weather good and hope you have the best day of your life while me, myself, is catching up with my b...

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