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Bringing the Holy Land Next to your Heart

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I’ve been dreaming of Holy Land since I was a kind. I wanted to know more about the place where my God came from and immense myself to th...

Tupperware Brands Philippines Supports the 2015 World Vision Run

12:12 AM 0
For the 4 th   time in a row, Tupperware Brands Philippines supported World Vision Philippines in its annual running event aimed to raise f...

Visit the Philippines Again 2016!

12:46 AM 0
It’s forever summer here in the Philippines! Yeah, there’s a lot of places yet to discover and explore in and outside Metro Manila. Phili...

Can You Afford to Adopt a Child?

5:57 PM 0
When you can’t have a child of your own for whatever reason, you might consider adopting one. The main issue that people have with adopti...

Made To Enjoy Singing: Taiwan Excellence brings you the newest online contest

12:40 PM 0
Howdy Loves! Love is full of a crazy adventures and senseless ones. It is you who will do the right choice on what to choice. Despite of...

Celebrate with Style and Lots of Pampering at Nailogy – SM Super Center, Pasig

2:28 AM 2
Oh, ladies and gents life could be happier and lovelier if you also take good care of yourself – in and out.  Mainly because we are surro...

Top 5 Online Sites in Philippines You Need to Bookmark Right Now

3:35 PM 0
In an era where the technological boom has met its zenith, shopping has acquired a new dimension, hence called e-shopping or online shoppi...

One Amazing Computer Now in Zero24 Installments: Beyond the Box’s MacBook Air Lifestyle Bundles

8:26 PM 1
Now is the perfect time to turn your dream into reality. Starting September 1st, the MacBook Air 11” & 13” 128GB variants will be ava...

Wishlist Wednesday: Trendy and Affordable Clothing at

12:30 AM 2
What’s up guys?! I wish and pray that everyone is having a great time today. The start of “ ber ” months officially started and f...

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