Photoshoot for the Newsletter

6:31 PM 2
Yesterday, we had our team's photoshoot, because the company's newsletter here in Manila will feature our team for this month. By ...

Gucci Guilty

7:19 PM 2
Gucci Guilty That's all folks, Aylin

Miss Dior Chérie L'eau

10:56 PM 2
Miss Dior Chérie L'eau That's all folks,  Aylin

Rains and Floods

2:22 AM 3
News Report: Classes are Suspended!  Students:  Yehey! - going back to bed when woke up early, but if already in school going to the mall fo...

For Review: Neutrogena Oil-free Make-Up Remover and D&G Light Blue

6:39 PM 7
These products are for review soon. These products given to me by my boyfriend P. Thanks P for these awesome products. Neutrogena Oil-free...

Accessories: Bracelets from my friends

12:13 AM 1
These are my two of my bracelets accessories that I use most of the time. These are from my friends and, I am happy to have them. They reall...

Lipgloss Love Affair is giving away CELLNIQUE!

12:51 AM 2
Hi guys and gals, Lipgloss Love Affair is having a giveaway. So better, send your entries and win CELLNIQUE! You can see details and send ...

The Sporty Me

3:10 PM 2
I am active with my extracurricular activities way back elementary and high-school days. I  am  engaged with some sports even how silly it w...

Lipgloss Love Affair is having a GiveAway

10:57 PM 0
Hi guys and gals, Lipgloss Love Affair is having a giveaway. The Super Kawaii Giveaway is not just an ordinary giveaway but cute and ador...

Nail Polish of the Week: San San’s Blue Sapphire

5:07 PM 0
My nail polish of the week is San San’s Blue Sapphire . I love the color, it dries easily, but it did not last longer on my nails. I appl...

Accessories: Forever21 Gold Bracelet

5:31 PM 0
I got this gold chain bracelet from Forever21 . I am been addicted to accessories these past days. I can’t help it but I ended up buyin...

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