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Myth or Truth - NOVUHAIR on Hair Chemicals

5:23 PM 0
We may not be aware that we are unknowingly putting harmful chemicals on our hair thus resulting to general conditions such as migraine, ...

I got #Fredified at Hairshaft Salon, Podium Mall

2:03 AM 0
I always have a love-hate relationship with my hair. To start off, I have a curly hair the day I was born then technology comes in, rela...

Order Proactiv Online – Quick and Easy Steps

12:10 AM 2
Albeit, I am an avid fan of online shopping. You may ask why? Well, aside from the perks of shopping at the comfort of my smartphone or ...

Discover the #BeautifulScience behind World’s No. 1 Conditioner Brand, Pantene!

10:45 AM 0
Our crowning glory, which is our hair, is one of the most important thing to make sure that it is looking great before we go out. I admit...

Herbal Essences: YES, YES, YES to Shameless and Scentsual Pleasures!

2:30 AM 0
What pleasures you that you’re reluctant to admit? No need to be ashamed—confess! Yah, right! Each and every one of us has secre...

Marian Rivera, Naturally Beautiful for Hana Shampoo

11:00 PM 0
“The beauty of a girl can’t be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means. It only occurs naturally.”  - Unknown - Hana S...

New In!

6:26 PM 0
Hi Sweetie! Here's a quick update on my whereabouts & whatnots from my Instagram account. Finally, I'm gonna try this Moro...

WEN Cleansing Conditioner, not your ordinary Shampoo

8:15 AM 0
The end of ordinary shampoo is finally here, introducing WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Most shampoos have harsh detergents and sodium laury...

Hana Hair Show #NoFilterBeauty

10:17 PM 5
Hana brings the beauty of nature to hair care and launched it in a most luxurious way. The city’s busiest people found an oasis at the lau...

Getting a Long-lasting Crowning Glory at Tinette & Co.

8:15 AM 0
One of my frustrations in life is having a not-so-good hair. From the curly hair that I inherited from my Mom and Grandma, I decided to m...

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